Eight loyal readers plus

I’m not running for anything. I’m not harping about the Duluth Schools. I’m rarely mentioned by the News Tribune. And this month my readership is about as high as it has ever been. This month over 5000 visits to Lincolndemocrat have lasted fifteen minutes or more. 1000 such visits lasted longer than an hour. That’s despite the fact, or maybe because of the fact, that I’m not killing myself to write blog posts daily. Not that I couldn’t. In the last two days I’ve forwarded a dozen news stories to my email account to add to the links I began adding a couple days ago. They are evidence of the Earth’s destruction; Trump’s destruction etc. all of which offer insights on how to get past our world’s current myopia.

I’ve just spent my morning, as per usual, reading news from all sorts of rational and a few irrational sources. I still have my French practice ahead and then, if I can stay focused more puttering around with my book/books.

A bientot.

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