Over the last 4 days 56 people have spent half an hour on my blog

I have been hopeless at becoming “viral.” That was my plan when I ran for Congress and I couldn’t compete. I haven’t given up on the idea and that thought has been echoing in my head since the Aug primary on the 9th. The idea…..is to capture more attention perhaps for a 2024 run if Pete Stauber wins again. Magots must be stopped. Maga’s (people who really want America to be great again) must reconsider how to MAGA. Trump is not the way.

I haven’t mastered blogs despite having this one since 2006 early in the blogosphere but I am most adept at using it. Locally during my Red Plan fight before most Duluthians were addicted to the internet a relatively large number of people followed me to know how that fight was progressing. Today everyone else has blown past me but people still come to visit to see what I’m banging on about – WHEN I BAN ON. I haven’t blogged much for a couple years but when I do things like this happen:

This screen shot shows that on Saturday I had a lot of visitors……a lot compared to usual. I figure most of them were bots aware of my activity not real human eyes. But elsewhere in my stats I can see how much time real people spent looking at my blog over the past four days of September. 56 spent at least half an hour. I have no idea who they are so my imagination can run wild. The obvious limitation for my political ambitions is that there are 200,000 voters in the 8th Congressional District and 56 viewers falls short.

So I’ve tried other campaign websites, other podcast sites but even though I don’t know how many visitors they attracted when I was actually filling them with content I don’t think it was much……

I stop now. I have to take a phone call in French. Vive la France!!!!!

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