Goodbye to 2011 and welcome new readers

December was a good month for my annoying little blog. If I can believe my stats I had more individual visitors last month than any other month since April of 2007.

That was the high point of my last race for Congress. After hearing about a short lived Unity movement I decided to run my congressional campaign as an Independent under the banner of Unity. People from outside Minnesota picked up on my campaign and readers from across the nation visited the Lincolndemocrat blog for a short burst giving that month a record number of visitors which even last December failed to eclipse. Since then my blog has mostly been about the Red Plan and Lincolndemocrat has only been visited by a largely parochial audience interested in my ongoing evaluation of what we in Duluth lovingly call the “Red Plan.” I figure I’ve logged about two million critical words on the subject. Its a big deal to Duluth but a “who gives a rip” outside our fair city.

I’d like to think my principle has been “think globally, act locally.”

For new readers of my blog you can read a long abandoned Let Duluth Vote website of mine which fell into chaos and disrepair two years ago or simply type “Red Plan” into my search engine (or type “Red Plan Duluth” in Google). Fully half my blog entries have been devoted to some aspect of this colossal blunder for our public schools.

Now I’m trying to focus my attention Janus-like on the future of larger national issues and on the past in a book which I hope will illustrate how we let our political processes turn sour.

All I have left to integrate into my files is a two-inch thick pile of papers that I copied from the state historical society. Once that’s accomplished I hope I type up fifty pages by the end of this week. That should give me a few more book it posts.

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