Close to breaking my personal best

An interesting phenomenon is going on. I’m very close to having more different visitors to my blog this month than I have had since shortly after I first began blogging. That was the year I set Lincolndemocrat up to run as an Independent candidate for Congress for my second attempt at the office. I caught a little wave of Internet interest by announcing that I would run for the “Unity” party. Someone set up a Wiki page for me and a few folks from around the country checked out my blog. It was small scale but it was a national audience of eccentrics and I managed to get on the Statewide broadcast of Almanac with my foes Congressman Oberstar and ex-Senator Rod Grams.

The 1,375 distinct individuals that visited the blog that April was the most I’ve had stop by in any single month since that time. As of this morning I was at 1325 distinct individuals. I presume that unlike six years ago most of my current visitors live in the actual Congressional District. Also they visit my blog much more regularly. I get ten times the traffic I got six years ago so my viewers are loyal. Also since the Red Plan that used too lure folks to my blog is almost ancient history there must be other items that bring folks back.

I’m not sure that today and tomorrow I’ll manage an average of 25 new visitors but I will probably come close. It will be kind of fun to hit a new peak. If I don’t do it this month……well, we have a few more months of my teasing posts about the book and a run for Congress to break that old record. I’ll try to keep my readers on their toes.

Oh, and 1,000 regulars out of a voting population of 175,00 or so isn’t half bad. And remember, my audience is coming to me on their own steam. I’m not having to email out copious messages like the one I got today from another candidate promising to tell everyone how his life story made him a perfect fit to be our Congressmen. Gag me with a spoon!

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