And my letter intrigued me……

My blog has always been lightly proof read so its not surprising that I discovered the error above in my previous posts first paragraph……the “ME” should have been “HIM.”

My plan is to make sure every person in Minnesota’s 8th congressional District knows we have a spineless congressman…..that’s the least offensive thing I can call Pete Stauber. The Duluth News Tribune put an op-ed on Pete Stauber that echoed my sentiments exactly. Its behind a paywall but its here.

Yesterday I sent in the column the Trib invited me to write for them on why I should win the Aug 9th election. I’ll post it after they print it in a week or two. They will be giving me a half hour zoom interview soon and I look forward to it.

My initial fundraising letter has so far generated $700. in donations. They will probably be tripled at the end of the next ten days. Its suggests I might be able to send my letter to every registered voter in the 8th District. The voting stats do not lie. There are more than enough votes out there to deny Pete the primary win. One person wrote a short indignant note saying that he/she was shocked at my unfairness and willingness to be unconstitutional. They highlighted the offending sentence in yellow marker that explained that democrats and independents could vote in a Republican primary.

Yes, of course and Donald Trumps sending violent people in to hang Vice President Trump was squarely in the parameters of the Constitution. The fact is Minnesota law has allowed all voters to choose which primary to vote in since the Progressive era and its distrust of political parties. Minnesotans have taken advantage of this for decades. Its a brake on a political party gone rogue. I remember other sneaky folks who under Pat Robertson were warned not to let caucus goers know who they were. I remember how today’s Republican Party operatives decided to kick RINO’s out of the party for allegedly not being Republicans thus removing Abe Lincoln from the spirit of the party. As my letter said I see a lot more veneration of Old Abe in the Democratic Party than today’s Republicans who cheered on Jan. 6, 2021’s attempted overthrow of the presidential election.

I have another 190,000 letters to send out. Keep sending me donations so I can wake up the patriots of the 8th District to beat Pete Stauber…….I just heard Trump called Vice President Pence the P word to his face…….

All I have to say to that is that you can put P in front of “traitor” but that doesn’t make it “patriot”.

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