Harry’s (campaign) Diary and a mid course correction

Every few weeks or months since I began this blog I put in diary entries in a category simply called Harry’s Diary. Through the 84 days remaining it will be my “campaign” diary. If you check the link you will find at the bottom of it all the posts since 2006 that I’ve tucked there. Its 20 posts times 63 or just under 1260 days of the roughly 5,840 days since 2006.

I got a lot of hits on my posts yesterday 10,000 page views. If they grow it will be a sign that my blog is being noticed but that high number may simply be an anomaly. I haven’t figured out how to check stats on visits to www.weltyforcongress.com site. My Spotify podcast site is getting noticed by its no great shakes yet.

I am still a one man band campaign although today I added two more helpers. One is taking on the leadership of my northern St.Louis County campaign. I sent him off with my petitions to pass around starting in Ely. BUT NOTE. After thinking about what I would have to do to personally find 1,000 signatures I’ve decided to ease off on that effort. I’ll still do it but I expect to drive down to St. Paul with a $300.00 check to add my name to the ballot. My northern friend thinks asking for petition signers will help him approach people…..and I gave him lots of my cards to pass out and my piece on the Environment. A second helper said he’d pass them out at Dylan Fest in Duluth. I will join him. I think my campaign will be appreciated by folks to love Dylan’s music. I’m one of them “How many roads must a man walk down, Before you call him a man? Damn good question for Republicans today if you ask me.

My internet work is a constant. For instance, I discovered one of my recent podcasts got switched and had to revert it back to the story under its title on Spotify. No Business like snow business had 13 listeners but it was actually my first podcast with my grandson called Ya Wanna Fight. I’ve fixed it but I don’t know where the first one is.

So my petitioning has been downgraded and I’ve got to make use of the next two weeks to work on making my campaign viral. I also have to prepare for my first fundraising letter. If it goes well I’ll try to get all of Duluth covered and then all 20 or so counties of the 8th District in turn; hopefully before the Primary.

Sorry fussy people…..no time to proof read this.

Oh, I’ve had a chat with my partner and she’s cool with me spending a little more than I thought I was going to be able to do……It won’t be a lot more but it will be enough until the Koch brothers come in and corrupt me…..For my thoughts on the Kochs look here.

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