Someone who is watching the District offers some good thoughts.

To the Duluth School Board:

My name is _ _ _ _ _ _ _, it has come to my attention the school district is trying to acquire The Piedmont Church soccer field for drainage for the new Piedmont school. This will be the third field the city has taken in the last three years from the west Duluth area none of the fields taken so far have been replaced, it is also one of the few places left where the kids can practice. This field is also used by neighborhood kids for other activities such as football and Frisbee. The Spirit Mountain field was taken back about three years ago. This was after a considerable investment was made in sod, benches, fencing and hundreds of hours of volunteer work. Now we have to take out all the items we installed. The Piedmont lower division kids played games at the Piedmont school, this of course is impossible now due to construction and the reduction of space available. Those games were moved to the Piedmont church field.

There should be a way The school district and the kids could utilize the field. Dry wells and French drains are an option. I have watched for years as the schools have limited the amount of exercise kids are getting, Physical education one day a week, a lack of support for sports. Parents paying more every year so their kids can play. I have never seen so many overweight out of shape kids in my life as I do now and educators are part of the problem. Allowing pop machines junk food pizza every day in school and the schools profits from it at the expense of the kids health. When are we as adults and educators going to do something good for the kids without doing something bad for them at the same time.

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