The view from Central from Green Bay

My wife and I have taken to purchasing a couple mugs from local potters and ceramicists at the interesting places we travel too. Door County has a guild of about eight such potters one of whom was near our vacation home. We made it our last stop on our way home from vacation.

We picked out some drinking vessels rather than mugs at Off the Wheel Pottery . It was a fun shop.

As the potter wrapped up our purchases in newspaper for our journey home she asked us where we were from. When told we lived in Duluth she said it was a lovely city and that she had once visited Central High School and was blown away by its awesome location and splendid view. I joked that this is why the School Board was going to tear it down. She already knew this and told us her brother-in-law who lives and teaches in Esko had told her all about it.

As I left I told her that she could tell her brother that the crazy man who trying to fight the Duluth School Board had visited her shop.

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