Not gloating

A friend keeps writing every time the Trib writes a positive story about things happening in the Duluth Schools or every time calamity seems to strike. Every story seems to her to be a plea from the Tribune for voters to pass a levy referendum next fall. I have few illusions that a levy will pass although I will vote for anything the District will offer.

I read stories like the one today and I’m torn between outrage and despair. Outrage that the District killed our golden goose and despair at the difficulties of bringing it back to life.

I once wrote that we didn’t know just how good we had it in our schools. I was on the Board after the Chamber of Commerce failed to support a levy referendum in 2001 and the Board was forced to make the seventh hour an optional seventh period called the “zero hour” that kids had to find their own way too. Now the Red Plan is about to bring an end even to what little remains of the zero hour.

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