Tell me what’s a happening

I’m always happy to pass on rumors of JCI’s shoddy work so here’s the latest:

Handsome Harry:

I took interest on your post of the Congdon overruns [It wasn’t overruns specifically due to Congdon]. Now I don’t know for a fact, but several people have said the new JCI school in Alborn has had concrete problems due to unstable soils. The gymnasium was not complete this fall, so the district was “forced” to use the formerly inadequate gymnasium built in 1981 at the formerly acceptable Cotton School.

We [St. Louis County Schools] will have a ballot issue to approve a new excess operating levy because the district isn’t realizing savings from their JCI reorganization plan. The trouble is up here, our idiot people are more concerned with sports, sports and more sports. And if their kids make the team, and the team wins, nothing else matters. Many may vote for the levy because the teacher’s union and school board will yodel “it’s about the kids”. Not new textbooks, smart-boards, computers and advanced science, math and industrial arts classes. Sad…isn’t it?

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