How things looked to our School Board…

…before anyone toted up the damage they were doing.

I’ve been taking a trip back through time looking at old posts with the nonsense jumble €™ in order to replace them with apostrophes. I’m well over two-thirds of the way through the correcting of 900 compromised posts. I find myself catching names and events and hysterical quotes from the past that are so misguided they bring a grim smile. Here’s one example from a JANUARY 20, 2010 post quoting our former vindictive Chair, Judy Seliga-Punyko:

“We are in the best shape we’ve ever been in because we finally have stability. We have the programs we want, we have the plan, even financially we’re doing great. We have the best bond rating, we’ve had great audits. Honestly, financially we are doing great if only the state would give us the money they’re supposed to.”

Its a pity we are still removing millions from our General Fund every year and will continue to do so for the remaining 20-year life of the Red Plan bonds. This is almost unheard of among Minnesota school districts.

How many teachers could we hire for $3.4 million for an average salary and benefits cost of $90,000 per year? Let me check my caluculator……..hmmmmmm….It’s 37.7 teachers. That could go a long, long way to easing life for the Congdon teachers who are up to their necks in students.

At the last school board meeting a lot of Congdon parents urged us to institute a seven-period-day and parenthetically mentioned the overcrowding of their elementay classrooms.

I hope they read yesterday’s DNT story about our perilous financial prospects under the banner headline.

As for our former Chair – I hope she sticks to cosmetics from now on. She has always had a better grasp of the superficial.

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