A message from the Duluth Edison Charter Schools

Sent by Steve Greenfield Communications to the Duluth School Board: Duluth News Organizations: Good morning. Below is a statement from Duluth Edison Charter Schools board president Crystal Palmer regarding Thursday’s ISD 709 school board vote related to its Central High School property: “We thank ISD 709 for its openness and deliberations regarding the offer to […]


This is today’s big Duluth Education News. Duluth Edison Charter Schools plans to split from the for-profit company that has helped manage the schools for nearly 20 years. Beginning in the summer of 2017, the schools will be led independently but will retain the Edison name. It will happen the same year the recently approved […]

The Edison Debate

We candidates got about seven minutes to answer seven questions. I’m just grateful that the two quotes from me in the DNT story don’t make me sound too stupid. I was amazed that the potential selling of Central to Edison would come to dominate the coverage of the story. I thought my suggestion that such […]

Back to the school grind – Not

My heart fluttered a bit when three days ago my readership tripled for couple days. (8 “loyal readers” x 3 = 24) Well, a bit more than that. The visitors seemed to be drawn to my comments about the wider world. I presume my “eight loyals” come to see what I’ll pontificate about the Duluth […]

Cheap Schools

Did I comment on Jana Hollingsworth’s recent story about Equity? It was essentially a summary of everything reported in the past. The Duluth Schools doesn’t offer equitable treatment for its students. That would require money we spent on the Red Plan……although that was not a big part of Jana’s story. Maybe we’ve gotten to the […]

Snow Purge # 4

Loren’s column mentions the bad headlines which he posits are mostly the fault of the Red Plan’s aftermath. I’ve already blogged about the latest news story which I read last night. Readers will note that the Superintendent wants to blame the evaporation of our thin layer of reserve funding on the local Charter Schools. Piffle. […]

The Other Shoe Drops

Our budget reserve comes close to evaporating. Here’s the straight forward story from the Trib. Like member Nora Sandstad, Alanna Oswald and I were told by the Superintendent that Special education “cross subsidy” payments to Edison skyrocketed by about a million more dollars this year. The explanation had something to do with a legislative change […]

A tale of two reporters

Today’s Trib story about the School Board candidates speaking at the Chamber of Commerce Forum was covered by two reporters. Normally Jana Hollingsworth covers all the Educational news but this election has posed a problem for the Tribune. Jana’s Aunt, Jill Lofald, is a candidate and the Trib and Jana insist that this creates a […]

Trifecta Schmrifecta

Posts that began in my head over a week before but which become placeholders for me to finish are a pain. Life goes on and so does my attention. I am not only watching the developments in the School District campaign ahead but in China and in the ongoing Trumpaloonia. And the books that I’ve […]