How to sell an idea like the threat of Edison or Muslims raping innocent German Girls?

This article surprised me. I had heard the allegation a month ago that Muslim refugees from Syria had raped an east German woman. Donald Trump was fond of it. It reverberated across the news as did sharp calls in Germany for Angela Merkel to end her policy of taking in the refugees from Syria. I remember thinking at the time that it was hard to believe that grateful refugees would act like a wolf pack but I never heard that this was a fake story. Now it seems it was generated by a propaganda machine in Putin’s Russia. Its how you start of stampede of ignorance. Angela Merkel’s party took a beating as a result in elections just as Putin hoped.

This is a tactic that lots of special interests use for their own selfish reasons. That includes the DFT.

I wrote a series of posts all beginning with the term “fear mongering” to unpack the untidy mess that the DFT handed out. This is the second of them and they follow one after the other.

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