A Note to my archivists – in case my campaign for Congress makes me famous

I have been discovering more resources to write about my history of watching the GOP turned all Tomas de Torquemada. (check Wikipedia)

I was interested in documenting when I was and was not writing for the Reader. It turns out the dry spell in the middle was much longer than I recalled. This is the worksheet I drew up which showed me I was overestimating my total columns by about 50 to only about 300. Some I’ve lost track of.

My review showed me I’ve also only filed for office 18 times not the 20 I thought. Also I discovered that I’d forgotten a bit of the history I have kept track of.

This is the worksheet on Reader Columns with the glaring error saying I ran against Rep Tom Huntley in 2002. That was in 2000. I ran against Senator Doug Johnson in 2002. I obviously continued to write but made no comments about the campaign.

Here is a photo of four three ring binders I’d forgotten about. Two were about political campaigns which I placed in a folder although the other 16 have file folders in three 4 shelf file cabinets.

The Fat red one is from 1997 when all hell broke out as the teachers Union tried unsuccessfully to kill Northstar Academy the Edison Charter School. All year I got into a long email chain with a woman “Laura” who was trying to get a charter school bill passed in Missouri. We shared our frustrations. When we hired a new School Superintendent Julio Almanza I loaned him the book to understand what had happened that year. I was only intended as my debriefing so he could understand the heated politics he would be facing over an issue he would have preferred could be avoided.

The fat white notebook just above the Red one I’d forgotten I’d put together. For six months in 2000 I wrote School Board Diary which was followed for a short time by Politicians Diary. As I was trying to keep up with changes to my website www.snowbizz.com I was discovered this material had been lost but I had just heard of something called the Wayback machine that collected voluminous material and kept it on its own first of a kind cloud. I located these diary’s and printed them out.

Finally but not for the first time I took a picture of the shelf where these four binders stay.

Starting in 1991 during my first school board race I began putting all my correspondence in binders until 2004. This is where I found these four binders. This is but a fraction of my written materials but it helps explain why I have a good memory. I have my own personal AI archive……although it isn’t fast. “What year and what month did I write that?”

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