When censure is a mark of character

For personal reasons I regard the Senate’s silencing of Senator Warren as an honor for Warren. Where Jeff Sessions is concerned I agree with Coretta Scott King. By the way, when I followed up the City Page’s story on the rip off of the Prior Lake School District I learned that the Prior Lake school […]

Censure is infectious

Our Attorney, Kevin Rupp, belongs to a law firm that has become expert in the sanctioning wayward school board members. They were behind what ended up being a failed attempt to remove the Farmington board member in 2010 that got Judy Seliga-Punyko so excited as she contemplated removing Gary Glass. They’ve been in the news […]

To Censure or not to Censure

An interesting email circulating among School Board members: Requested Meeting william c. hanson This message was sent with High importance. Sent: Friday, October 22, 2010 10:37 AM To: School Board Cc: kathleen a. kaufman We received a request to schedule a Special Meeting and are reviewing it with our attorneys. The meeting is not on […]

Better Angels

While I am putting away Christmas decorations and fending off middle fingers let me show you my Mother’s handiwork circa 1985. Its a little better angel from a good Republican daughter. Posted to keep me and my eight loyal readers in an elevated mood. Here’s another of my mother’s hand made Christmas ornaments. Its one […]

Taking it on the chin

I will make one point about all the negative publicity the School Board has recently attracted in a busy week of editorials, op eds and letters-to-the-editor. Its no fun to take it on the chin. Most of us don’t have armadillo like armor just the Armadillo’s reflex to curl up into a ball. I caught […]

You Have my Sympathy Ilhan (includes the seven paragraphs missing from today’s Reader)

You Have My Sympathy Ilhan Prologue: Ilhan Omar, Minnesota’s new Islamic Congresswoman, has offered her “unequivocal” apology for twitting the fiercely pro-Israel Political Action Committee AIPAC in a tweet. Some of her fellow Congressmen are not satisfied. Full abasement is called for and perhaps Congressional censure. Nevermind that traditional Republican condemnation of “Hollywood” for unraveling […]

“Dear Fellow Sufferers”

The paper version of the DNT today ended its extensive letters to the editor with an unintentionally funny critique of me from a Mr. Paul Podemski. Sadly I can’t find it in the online version but while looking for Mr. Podemski I discovered that he and his wife wrote a glowing letter endorsing Jill Lofald […]

Ho Hum

The Tribune’s editors continue in their dreary analysis and endorsements. Rosie Loeffler-Kemp who was a major reason for the ugliness that cost me an endorsement is apparently not to be faulted. That’s not all the Trib’s editors are turning a blind eye to. They faulted the DFL for endorsing candidates but they have so far […]

A delayed request for a change order

NOTE: THIS POST CONTAINS THE CLAIM THAT THE STOWE SCHOOL PLAYGROUND IS NOT YET DONE. THAT IS NOT TRUE. SO MUCH FOR IMPECCABLE SOURCES. Last night at the School Board meeting the majority balked at authorizing a $12,000 “change order” for the company supervising our change of mulch. The justification was that the playgrounds were […]

I’ve never met a school board candidate who didn’t want to help educate children…

… So what? The last ten year’s worth of Duluth School Board members reduced the local taxes going into our classrooms from $14 million to $2.5 million. These Board members loved children. Their own children were in the Duluth Schools. Many of them matriculated from the Duluth Schools. They only wanted the best school buildings […]