Day 73 of being the worst nightmare of America’s worst nightmare

I’ve been taking boring pics of details of my now 73 day quest to become Donald Trump’s worst nightmare. The salmon colored post-it notes were stuck above my computer on the 75th day to help me keep track of my quest. I have many more I’ve been uploading to my Flickr account to use in future days as I methodically, though only partially, explain how a mouse can take down an elephant…..although Donald Trump hardly qualifies as a Republican unless you consider the timid mice in Congress Republicans.

What makes this mouse a threat is his, my, fidelity with the truth something Trump wannabe DeSantis calls being “woke” as though historical sleeping sickness was a virtue.

I probably won’t do a lot of blogging during these 73 remaining days before the Aug 13th primary because I have a lot of ground to cover. I’ll mostly blog early in the morning before people wake up and late at night if I don’t crash into bed first after putting on miles of campaigning. I’ve had two gorgeous days so far even in a half hour light rain yesterday afternoon. In 2017 knowing that Trump’s election had let loose an avalanche of feminine fury I knew I was in trouble with my school board reelection campaign. A couple prominant Democratic School Board members who had voted to censure me for telling the public about the purchase price being asked for the embarassing white elephant of the Red Plan had lots of connections with the overwhelming tide of women were about to choose the new school board. I worked my tail off to pass out literature and put up signs to no avail but I took photos everday of my door knocking and posted interesting sites from my walks. I will no doubt do a little of that but I intend to tell a different story.

My goal as I pass out literature will be to blog about Donald Trump as I try to reach his bamboozled followers who have imprinted on him like motherless ducklings on some lucky carnivore. The story I will roll out a few times each week will describe how a genuine POS who said he was going to clean up a swamp instead dissolved into it turning it into a cesspool instead. Its full of the Congressmen I had to describe as Republicans. Its also the Deep shit state. If there is a Deep State its all Republicans who claim they are going to stop it when in face they are its chief engines.

I have gotten started the last two days sort of slowly. I find myself getting into long conversations which are illuminating but which also delay my goal of putting up hundreds of lawnsigns before Grandma’s marathon. Even so I think I’ve put up 35 of the 500 I brought home with me the day I filed for Congress. I immediately find friends with my typical self introduction about my dedicating the next xx days to being “Donald Trump’s worst enemy.” That makes me the worst enemy of all his traitors especially the liars like Congressman Stauber who’s brief honesty after the attack that sent him and his fellow congressman scurrying for a safe place betrays his awareness of his subsequent lie that Donald Trump was cheated out of his reelection. In coming days I will offer a challenge to him to have a debate about which of us is the real traitor. If he hides from this debate I’ll issue it generally to all Republicans. We will. see how they react to that challenge not from a Democrat but from an honest Republican who remembers when Republicans were honest.

I must stop now as another ten blog posts are clammering for me to write them immediately. Instead I will show my readers who are patient enough to spend a minute waiting for my blog to get over its constipation by hitting the refresh button one of several things I did this morning. In this case I’ve made myself a door to door valise to efficiently deal with several objects and keep them from getting bent up as I charge along.

Here I’ve spread the contents of my daily campaign on the floor under the early morning sun. Its like a woman’s compact to keep everything orderly:

My valise is an old brown folder I emptied of one of my first attempts at a book thirty years ago called Can of Worms. It was supposed to be about misdeeds in the Duluth School District long before I ever got elected. Yesterday in the rain it has a chore to pick through contents that got jumbled together. This morning I taped together something like the hold of a cargo boat to keep every thing from crashing together. You can see the contents around the valise including my morning cup of coffee to give me a caffeine jolt to get me through the day. The principal contents are a book mark calling Stauber a traitor and the flyer I printed to mail out in the 2022 election but which I ran out of money to mail to 200,000 voters. I only could afford to send out 2000 of them but I still have about 2000 to pass out which will last me for several weeks by which time I will reorder more but this time in black and white because the tale they tell is so compelling a cheaper piece won’t be any less compelling. I am also carrying a couple of my books. I don’t plan to sell them but use them to explain how I hope they will help me raise the money to contact every primary voter in the Eigth Congressional District about how Congressman Stauber lied to God.

Its a fun show and tell and I’ve had several occasions to read the front cover which describes how in 1992 at a Republican convention I was booed off the stage when I said that Donald Trump was the future of the GOP. That was thirty years ago and I put that speech in the first book I wrote while running for Congress. I put it in the book I’m selling for this race 30 years later. My knowledge of the GOP are such that I have almost biblical powers of prophecy.

That’s enough for the beginning of day 73. I have to get ready for Church……….25 years in the choir and I’m still an agnostic. I’m not as good at spelling. I misspelled “assassination” on the post-it note.

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