Who follows me abroad?

I only have a dim technical idea what these stats mean. I have been looking at them since 2006 when “hits” was the measure of a webpage’s success. The idea was that each hit represented a pair of eyes looking at your page’s content. If it was ever true its not true now. The vast majority of hits come from “bots” tiny programs that go to every website and measure which words are used and report it back to servers that belong to Goodness-knows-who. That said, I’ve always noted which nations seem to be snooping around my site. Ten years ago it was often eastern European nations which had a lot of one-man-shop internet pirates snooping around. But National security systems do this too and none of them with more dedication than the People’s Republic of China which is doing its best to protect the new Chinese emperor Xi. Why just having the name “Xi” in a blog is a magnet for attention and possibly a later hacking. In this blog’s case I put out one largely neglected post a few weeks ago that I wish had gotten more attention. I’ll bet Chinese bots reported back to their computer bosses about lincolndemocrat.com. Certainly more of my pages were viewed by Chinese “eyes” than those of any other nation not counting the United States.

This is the post: https://lincolndemocrat.com/?p=32557 titled: The Uighur Games. If everyone was passing it around the Chinese would be furious with me. Thank God I don’t live in Hong Kong.


United States…us……25,768…..28,439…..589.93 MB

China……………..cn……17,093…..17,237…..28.21 MB

BTW I have blogged about China in 158 posts since 2006: https://lincolndemocrat.com/?paged=8&s=China

In 2017 Claudia and I visited China. Before we visited China in 2017 I mentioned on the blog that I knew China censured Google and others. On our first or second day their we were in a fancy Beijing hotel with supposedly uncensured news from CNN and the BBC. But a mention of Chinese censorship of Google by those western news outlets was suddenly blanked out.

In recent weeks I’ve heard talking heads wondering whether dictatorship or democracy is better prepared to handle Earth’s looming crisis. I hate that question but it is more than fascinating. I want to put my bets on openness but Trumplicans in the US are making that a very troubling question for me right now. Neither China or Russia are good candidates for protecting the Earth at the moment.

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