I got Waxed – Citizens United

Its hard to believe that its only been a couple days since I got waxed last Saturday. I’ve been in non stop school board related meetings since Monday and when I wasn’t doing that I was doing yard work and gardening in the sunshine. I generally woke up in the middle of each succeeding night […]

Moving the goal posts

A frustrated GOP is continuing its recent history of changing election laws to make it easier to control Washington D.C. Losing to that commie Obama has them very frustrated. Of course this is old hat for the Dixiecrats. From Reconstruction on they built up laws to keep blacks from voting so that only 4 or […]

GOP – winning at any cost [BIGOT ALERT]

By the way. What the Pennsylvania Republicans are thinking about doing is legal. It might very well insure that Obama loses in 2112. It rather reminds me of the mid decade reaportionment of Texas brought about by the now incarcerated “Velvet Hammer” Congressman Tom Delay. Its not all together unlike the legalized denial of granting […]

The Gore in Perry’s past

Curtesy of my Buddy, David Brooks on Rick Perry: First, Romney could accuse Perry of being the latest iteration of Tom DeLay Republicanism. On the one hand, he is ideologically slippery. The man who sounds so right wing today was the Texas chairman of the Al Gore for President campaign in 1988. The man who […]

2 percent

I’ve been corresponding with Russ Young. He recently demanded that I correct a ten-month-old entry in my website. That entry was a reply I’d sent to a local newspaper regarding a column that Russ had written condemning pro-choice people like me. I was about to correct my website when I began pondering his warning to […]

Miner Praise

I picked up the latest Reader Weekly today after swimming 2000 meters to check on my latest ad. The lastest ad directs people to my TV ad which shines a spotlight on Congressman Oberstar’s collusion with Tom Delay. To my absolute delight (since I haven’t bothered organizing a pro-Welty letter-writing campaign) there was one unsolicited […]

Oberstar You Tubed

GOP apartchik, Michael Brodkorb, was quick to send the embarrassing video of Jim Oberstar huffing and puffing at Rod Grams to You Tube. Its not surprising that Jim has avoided debates so assiduously through the years if this is the best he can do. What provoked this attack was Rod’s assertion that Jim lives in Maryland […]

Decline and Fall of the GOP

David Brooks writes about the Ohio Senate Race and profiles the Democratic candidate and the Republican incumbent he is close to upsetting. This is the triumph of Tom DeLay’s, Ralph Reed’s and Karl Rove’s remorseless zero sum politics. These men wanted a lasting Republican majority but they only managed to infect the apendages of the Republican body with gangrene. […]

The Republican “invisible hand”

If there is any economic assumption that undergirds today’s Republican Party it is that Adam Smith had it right when he described the “invisible hand” that make markets work most efficiently. Light-weight Republican hacks like Grover Norquist have been championing a simple-minded and corrupted version of Smith’s philosophy. Unaware or indifferent to Smith’s very real […]

Christian Madrassas?

ABC story courtesy of You Tube on the documentary Jesus Camp. Its lovely to see Christian children praying to a graven image of George Bush. No wonder Jim Oberstar clutched so closely to Tom DeLay to protect himself. This is where Rod Grams gets his most fervent supporters. Welty4Congress.org

Sheep and Wolves

I explained the difference between Jim Oberstar and Rod Grams to an interviewer today: Rod Grams is a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing and Jim Oberstar is a sheep dressed in Wolf’s clothing. Rod Grams was a rabidly, partisan, Republican wolf with a 97% Republican voting record who voted to remove a Democratic President for the […]