Sheep and Wolves

I explained the difference between Jim Oberstar and Rod Grams to an interviewer today:

Rod Grams is a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing and Jim Oberstar is a sheep dressed in Wolf’s clothing.

Rod Grams was a rabidly, partisan, Republican wolf with a 97% Republican voting record who voted to remove a Democratic President for the flimsiest of reasons. Now he’s appealing to voters like a sheep upset with the nastiness in Congress that he helped start.

Jim Oberstar wants voters to think that he is a tough wolf looking out after their interests when in fact he’s been a back bencher for 32 years. In that time he’s never said boo in Congressional debates and he has been quick to do the bidding of whoever is in charge even at the expense of the Democratic Party as when he joined Tom DeLay to pass the Terri’s Law to whip up partisan Republicans around the nation and put Democrats on the defensive.


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