My excessive blog bashing of the Republicans

A critic of mine, who once thought about voting for me wrote on Duluth Solutions about my blog:

“His blog does nothing but talk about the hate for his once endorsed party.  He also spreads the same hate that the far left wing democrats do for our president.”

Even my unpaid campaign “staff” keeps pushing me to be positive and so I have created a modest little “Blueprint for Change” on my campaing website.

Still, like most blogs this one give me a chance to react to the day’s news and the news has not been good. As for the Democrats I’ve made it clear that their activists call to impeach President Bush is as useless as the Tom Delay Republicans constant persecution of Bill Clinton.

I wrote back to, John, and this is what I said:

Hi John, Harry here.

I’m not filled with hate for the Republican Party. Disgust? Yes! Bewilderment? Yes.! Anger? Yes!

Each of my entries pointing out the mistakes and crimes (and that’s not too strong a word) of the GOP and President Bush is more like a dope slap than the spewing of hate.

Saying, as you do, that we’ve got more important stuff going on in the Eighth District than the war Bush started is understandable. Its always easeir to dwell on how much it costs to fill up your tank of gas than whether some kid in uniform is getting blown up for a war we should never have entered. No one is shooting at you while you’re gassing up.

Of course this is a pretty selfish point of view.

Something that ought to be of concern to you – like the terrible decision twenty years ago that led to the disastrous health insurance plan for retired Duluth City employees – is the soaring national debt that comes to you courtesy of the formerly fiscally responsible Republican Party.

Twenty years from now when our debt is dragging the US down I hope you remember how angry I was back at the turn of the century with the Republicans. At least a few of us will live with clear consciences twenty years from now because we didn’t sit back and shrug our shoulders when the Republicans were sewing this calamity. George Bush is our President. He has been an unmitigated disaster.

My loyalty lies with the nation and its future. Not the Republican Party.
Being a good American isn’t like being a blindly loyal fan for your favorite football team.

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