Miner Praise

I picked up the latest Reader Weekly today after swimming 2000 meters to check on my latest ad. The lastest ad directs people to my TV ad which shines a spotlight on Congressman Oberstar’s collusion with Tom Delay. To my absolute delight (since I haven’t bothered organizing a pro-Welty letter-writing campaign) there was one unsolicited endorsement letter from a Paul Miner. Mr. Miner shared his reasons for losing faith in Jim Oberstar

1. Oberstar’s opposition to the changes in the Medicare Part D program and

2. Jim’s pandering to Tom Delay Republicans over Terri’s Law. Then concluded his tome with the line:

“If you are a cynic who says your vote won’t count, remember that if you don’t vote, it certainly won’t be counted. Go Harry Welty!”

Music to my ears.

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