Taking care of business

I left for the School Board Human Relations and Business Committee meetings at 4:10. I was sitting back in front of this computer at 4:34. Astounding.

I was late for the HR meeting by three minutes. When I sat down it had already been adjourned and the Business Committee meeting had begun. It was adjourned four minutes later.

It wasn’t long ago that some School Board member at the School Board meeting waxed eloquent about how if the School Board meetings seemed brief there was little to worry about. That was because most of the agenda items were discussed fully at the preceding School Board meetings.

When I was on the Board HR meetings were short perhaps 15 minutes to 25 minutes. But three minutes? Well, there are half as many staff members now as back then. That could shorten things. But three minutes!

Business Committee meetings rarely went less than 40 or 50 minutes in my day. But 4 or 5 minutes? Man, I can’t wait to get my pay as a School Board member. The Board recently gave themselves a healthy pat on the back by boosting the annual pay from about $5,000 to $7,000 dollars. They swat their meetings away in short order. No wonder they are so vague about Parliamentary Procedure.

Heck, After the Red Plan, classes of 44 students, and a budget disappearing into a black hole I guess I won’t even be expected to earn my pay let alone sweat away through long tiresome meetings. Cool!

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