Word Search of the Day

I don’t give Andrew Sullivan his due so often any more. His blog is my principle filter for what’s going on in the world. Its as far ranging as the best newspapers and I enjoy his give and take with other smart people. He is far more willing to admit to mistakes than, for instance, the Duluth News Tribune.

He’s conservative (in much the same way that I am) and he’s gay (and he spends more time on that subject than I would). I’m sure some of my readers would say the same of my constant sniping at the Red Plan.

Yesterday his “Daily Dish” had lots of analysis of the Super Tuesday primaries. Fox News lies that they are “fair and balanced.” Sullivan riffs on that claim by saying his site is “biased and balanced.” I agree.

So, to make up for my no longer constantly noting where I get some of the things I post I thought I should see how many times I’ve referred to him and his blog in the past:

“Andrew Sullivan”

“Daily Dish”

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