Homage to Andrew Sullivan

My Buddy sent me a link to a commentary by my all time favorite blogger, Andrew Sullivan, in which he takes oodles and oodles of verbiage to explain among other things how blogging and the Internet became addictive and nearly killed him. I only got through the beginning of it. I was addicted to Sullivan’s […]

Andrew Sullivan asks…

…who owns the debt? Jason Peters relays facts collected by Harper’s Index: — Seventy-one percent of current U.S. debt was accumulated during Republican presidential terms. — Two-thirds of debt-ceiling elevations since 1960 have been signed into law by Republican presidents. — In 1961 the percentage of corporate profits paid in taxes was nearly forty-one; now […]

More on vigilance

I have been heartened by the large response to my recent post on Vigilance. If we had a smarter adversary trying to undermine our Democracy than Donald Trump I would be closer to hysteria. The late night hosts are doing a far better job explaining his administration’s follies and machinations than I could. That gives […]

Blessed is Donald Trump

From Andrew Sullivan on our Presidents visit to Rome: He loves the exercise of domination, where Christianity practices subservience. He thrills to the use of force, while Jesus preached nonviolence, even in the face of overwhelming coercion. He is tribal, where Jesus was resolutely universal. He is a serial fantasist, whereas Jesus came to reveal […]

On our new “Pro life” President

Yesterday I was particularly interested in this letter to Dear Abby from a mother who is distraught to have learned, during a heated Trump/Clinton conversation, that her daughter had undergone an abortion. One of the groups that elected Donald Trump was the pro life community. They overlooked such things as his attempt to talk his […]

Yeah, I’m no fan of Bill Clinton

I think this is a riposte from my Buddy. From: [Your Buddy] Sent: Saturday, September 10, 2016 7:21 AM To: Harry Welty Subject: Photos Show Bill Clinton and Donald Trump Hanging Out Harry: Not even The Donald and The Big He are always tribal. Your Buddy http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2016/09/photos-show-bill-clinton-and-donald-trump-hanging-out.html And I’ll acknowledge that this tidbit is worth […]


The email that preceded the email in the last post and my reply to it: My Reply: [Buddy], My impression certainly could have been wrong. What I remember with more confidence was that you would not be voting for Hillary. Of course that could mean a write-in or a vote for a third party candidate […]

Delaying the Big Objective

Winston sniffed me awake this morning in his sleeping quarters, my Son’s sunroom. I had to sleep diagonally in the guest bed but being a guest in his house for the first time worked out well. Hosting your parents at your new home is a right of passage. Winston and Clementine are my son’s cats. […]