Retiring Bloggers

My Buddy sent me an email recently that I took to be dancing on the grave of my only serious blog addiction. Andrew Sullivan is planning on retiring. I hope he hands the reigns over to his crew and keeps some sort of remote executive function because I’ll miss his blog if it retires with […]


One of the top women finishers at Boston today used to run by my house every day in high school as she practiced for her cross country team. Kara Goucher came in sixth among the women contestants. Her efforts like those of all of the other competitors were overshadowed by the bombs which blew up […]

Demographics # 2

Also on the Daily Dish was a graph that blew me away. A longer version of it from the World Bank can be found here. This is another trend I’ve heard about. The flow of illegal immigrants from Mexico has been seizing up. It might be natural to think this is because of the hazards […]

Demographics #1

I’d heard recently that American women’s longevity, which for so long exceeded men, was beginning to wane and men were catching up. That is what this map suggests. I found it on the Daily Dish with some interesting analysis. What I noticed about the map is that the locals where women’s longevity is taking the […]

The Barbarous Years

By coincidence this book was mailed to me yesterday and I read its short introduction before going to bed. Then today this short excerpt from it ended up as a post in the Daily Dish. The list of books written by author Bailyn demonstrate that I’ve found a real expert on the subject.

Re: putrescence and BS Detection

I’m certainly guilty of hyperbole when I scathingly generalize about Republicans. I’m pretty confident, if not over confident of my insights however because I was there with them for thirty years watching the party evolve and as a student of history looking back on their previous incarnations. I also believe I have some powers of […]

GOP’s war to continue

Sullivan’s Daily Dish has a number of posts today about how the GOP’s fanatics are determined to carry on the war against all things Obama in the wake of what this Heritage Club video calls a “devastating blow”: Apparently America is in danger of surrendering to the tyranny of fairness.

Word Search of the Day

I don’t give Andrew Sullivan his due so often any more. His blog is my principle filter for what’s going on in the world. Its as far ranging as the best newspapers and I enjoy his give and take with other smart people. He is far more willing to admit to mistakes than, for instance, […]

I answered “yes”

But then again, that’s nothing new for me. I’ve been running for political office since 1976 and always told voters I smoked marijuana. I completed the survey in Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish and I’m not so different than his other readers. By the way. I’d recommend the email to Sullivan at the end of the […]

A great ad…

…and a big middle finger aimed at the neocons. This ad is an indictment of Obama as well and well deserved. I’ll have to admit, however, that Obama has acted the way he did in part because the Neocons were on his back and in part to avoid a collapse in Iraq like the shameful […]