Bookin it 17

Other than making a stab at writing again today my output was pretty disappointing.

On the plus side I’ve completed enough organizational work to put an end to the random, nonconsecutive stabs at writing. I think I’m now prepared to write starting at chapter one and proceeding 2,3,4,5 for the rest of the book.

I also rediscovered in my old notes some long forgotten details that gave me a much more satisfying first chapter. Part of the reason for my small output today was some new reading I had to undertake today as I made a fresh start. Part of it was an unexpected visit from Grandsons. Here is a small sample of today’s work with the usual caveat:

One thing was clear and had been clear for several years, the dumping would have to be transferred to an on land site. Part of the dispute had to do with just where this would be permitted. The environmentalists wanted it done as far inland from the lake as possible…

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