Bookin it 17

Other than making a stab at writing again today my output was pretty disappointing. On the plus side I’ve completed enough organizational work to put an end to the random, nonconsecutive stabs at writing. I think I’m now prepared to write starting at chapter one and proceeding 2,3,4,5 for the rest of the book. I […]

Bookin it 16

I haven’t added that much new text to the book today but once again I’ve been busy. I finally finished reading the 250 some pages of interview notes today, organized them and made multiple copies. I will be taking a pair of scissors to the copies to keep the originals pristine. This cellulosic violence is […]

Bookin it 15

With the “usual caveat“: …knew the wrong side of the tracks. He had been raised in Gary New Duluth ten years after Duluth’s infamous lynching had emptied the neighborhood of its black residents. His Mother who had hung on in the neighborhood was murdered when he was little and he was raised by a Serbian […]

Bookin it 13

Only a page and a half today. Today’s sample with the “usual caveat“: “… began working at the bank at age 17 when his father, Henry, who had helped found it died the following year. He was a good Catholic and a good Democrat putting his eldest son Doug to work passing out flyers for […]

Bookin it 12

A bureaucratic family matter has taken about five days of my writing time up for the past two weeks. I blame it for keeping me from cranking out the copious prose I had thought possible. Frankly, I had a lot of coalating to do of current and new research. It would be so much faster […]

Bookin it 11

My apologies. First for making you wait so long for a new Bookin it post. Second for the drivel in the preceding ones. It can’t be helped. As the writer I look at my output with a microscope which would give anyone else eye strain. I’m sure I’ve explained previously that when I don’t write […]

Bookin it 10

I bragged a couple days ago that I might crank out 50 pages this week. The heartening thing is that I’m pretty comfortable thinking I should be able to do this soon. The fact tugging ever so slightly at the back of my mind is that I only got four cranked out yesterday and two […]

Bookin it 9

I got a good night’s sleep and have spent a productive hour writing a couple pages this morning from 8:30 to 9:30. What I began riffing on was prompted by some old news clippings and some of my old notes which don’t conform to the story line I’d already set up chapter by chapter. It […]

Bookin it 8

A week ago I ran into Christmas and the book project went to sleep. Whenever I put it on hold I’m always fearful that it will be hard to pick up again. Today although I only had about five hours, two in the early morning and three just now, that proved not to be a […]