Mother’s Day

The Mother’s Day weekend has been a success for this Dad. But I have to rescue America so I must be brief and cut out all the details.

I have always been terrible at celebrating Claudia Welty. Fortunately she let’s me know this every anniversary, birthday and of course, on Mother’s Day. This week was not much of an exception. She did buy a boneless lamb a few days before and ordered me to cook it. My son in law planned on making brats for his mother in a joint fete. (That’s French for party only without the accent mark over the first e because unlike my cell phone I can’t find French accented letters to type)

I wrecked one mother’s life on Sunday.

A week ago I found a rabbit had dug a hole into our big pot of strawberry plants. I had taken it out of our garage to get a good early start. I placed it next to our garden and the rabbit dug a deep hole in it ravaging half of the strawberries. I pulled it five feet away from the garden to near the middle of the patio. As you see it did little good.

So I resolved to let mama Rabbit rear a new brood of garden locusts but I did need to prepare the garden for new growth and clean off the patio. A blower scared mama lapin. During the Mother’s Day lunch she carted her well hidden babies somewhere less noisy. I won’t really miss her.

The biggest campaign news is that on Friday I got my paperback books. I don’t have time to start the selling yet but the first two are sold. 538 to go. Also I uploaded a copy to Kindle…its currently unreadable so I must do some research with my tech aid, my sixteen year old grandson who bought my second paperback…..I strong-armed him by paying for the work he did to figure out how to fix the Kindle copy and then demanding he give it back for a book I assured him would one day be worth hundreds of dollars…….Sorry Mom but I am sort of an SOB. Please forgive me. I wrote nice things about you in my book.

I have a game of chess to play with a housebound friend and I have lots of rapidly accumulations campaign docs to organize today and I have to work on making my Kindle book readable and my paperback available for easy online sales…….

On Saturday for a few brief hours I was in a funk. They are over now and I suspect they will return again but also be brief.

Catch you later.

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