The Squirrel Nutkin is ready to take a stand

One of the millions of stories I’ve heard about vanishing species has stuck with me. Its the red squirrels native to England. Gray Squirrels from North America made their way to the Isle of Albion and have slowly been pushing the smaller meeker Red Squirrels into the corner. Gray’s are bigger and bossier and when they edge into the smaller more timid Red Squirrel’s range the Red’s disappear. For English children who grew up on Beatrix Potter’s books about Squirrel Nutkin they are but a memory.

Moderate Republicans are like the Red Squirrels. As Hardcore descendants of John Birchers, Southern Confederate flag wavers and ferociously myopic fetus worshipers moved into the the Party of Lincoln their ferocity was rewarded in elections as moderate voters kept voting for Republican candidate who were catering to the aggressive organizers with more testosterone flowing through their veins which apparently cut off circulation to their brains blood flow. So we get Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene and Madison Cawthron. “Fair and Ballanced” Fox talking heads have monetized this trend and now cater to the energy of this crowd and give them information rich in calories but poor in content to spread their message like toxoplasma gondii in mice.

I’m not full of testosterone but I am a contrarian and I was raised by a mother who told me when I was little not to cry when I got hurt because, “your grandfather was shot in war and he didn’t cry.” So, I’m more annoyed by the testosterone soaked pols who kicked out the Lincoln lovers than eager to take them on. Besides, look how they wilted when Donald Trump challenged them and still challenges them. They wear diapers today.

I prefer mental knife fights with such week mental mites. And I finally have learned how to put a decent webpage together again after a fifteen year drought. It only took me a couple days to learn how. When Microsoft stopped supporting my/their web building software Frontpage I was left with only my blog to spread my ideas. I love my blog but its like using a shovel to do brain surgery. I still have my old website I made very few changes to it over the last fifteen years because it was glitchy. My last change was to the my reading list page and my snow sculptures page but I haven’t updated for four years. I can only renew its domain and keep it up like an old model T in a museum.

But now after earlier attempts and failures to set up an decent campaign website looks like the site I would want although I’ve only been putzing around with it for a couple days. This Red Squirrel is ready to push back the Confederate Gray coated Squirrels who are unaware they are destroying the environment they are taking over.

No gift to cleanse the stain of Trump from America is too small.

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