Suffer the Little Fetuses

Six weeks and a heart beat make a constitutionally protected American citizen according to Pete Stauber’s party. Pete no doubt is eager to put gynecologists in jail the way Texas and Oklahoma and good Christian state plan to if they dare to offer a rape victim an abortion.

Republicans believe that when Jesus said “suffer the little children” he meant children should suffer. Anti-tax, anti-government Republicans are doing their best to make God happy by keeping poverty in America stratospherically higher than in other developed countries. The more fetuses born into suffering the happier the Republican God is. And God is even happier when we refuse to give poor nations family planning money. The Republican God smiles at the unhappy, unwanted children staring up at Donald Trump’s border wall.

The Republicans haven’t changed any since I first wrote about their Christian stinginess. Where have all the Fetuses Gone

No gift to cleanse the stain of Trump from America is too small.

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