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I will continue accepting donations through the General election as my plan from the beginning has been to remove one Trump supporter from Congress. Win lose or draw in the August 9th primary that effort will continue. Your help would be appreciated:

At the end of yesterday’s last post I jotted down a list of bloggable ideas. I’ll tackle a couple of them this morning. With luck I’ll spend some of my afternoon working on the long term project of straightening out American politics that has been part of my psyche since I moved to Duluth, Minnesota in 1974 but was distracted from as I struggled not to hate myself for being an incompetent……or at least an incomplete…..public school teacher. Take a quick look at the list before skipping down to the meat of this first post of Thursday, 7/28/2022.


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This first post of Thursday, 7/28/2022.

I see that I’ve already referred to one of these topics being a missionary. That is sort of a challenge to an agnostic but many ideas that take on a missionary zeal do not require a God. Buddhism spread throughout China and Southeastern Asia from the Himalayas without much reference to Gods although some of India’s many deities sort of crept in through the ages. Pantheism is a little like eclecticism something I revel in.

This is my twentieth campaign and I realized from my first race for the legislature that in the Democratic stronghold of west Duluth I couldn’t count on serious help from a crippled Republican party. That’s when I began teaching myself all the tricks of the trade and learning to do more with less. Somehow six losing campaigns for the legislature the Schoolboard and even Congress didn’t prevent me from eventually winning a term then a second on the Duluth School Board. By that time I’d already developed a reputation as offbeat, smart, and irreverent. I loved being on the Duluth Schoolboard. Yes it was the only political avenue I could follow while Republicans were in an extreme minority and busy making themselves more extreme so that my politics were verboten. But I kept thinking of how I could get past that. Its voters not parties that choose candidates. I became a snow sculptor a writer and a gadfly over the years and am still all of those things.

I know I’ve failed to become viral with this election. I also know that running a real well funded campaign for Congress in two years is a stretch. I also know that American voters are hungry for an America that works and that isn’t consumed by hate and destruction. I can work with that. The last few years of Trump, disunion and disunity only serve to make me want to dig in my heals harder. I am right next to a motherload of young people who have good cause to look for something new in the world of our crippled democracy…..one that works and that is serious about addressing their concerns……like not poisoning the Earth they would like to raise their children in.

I started my campaign a few months later than I wanted to in the wake of the covid epidemic last winter and never had the time to try to entice UMD students into my orbit. Besides they were as disorganized as everyone else worried about day to day life as we began throwing off the chains of the quarantine. I got lots of good vibes passing out my political stuff to the 1,250 dorm rooms at UMD…..and then all the students left for Summer. I was too late to get anything started. This fall I might be able to reintroduce myself to the campus with my ideas for building a fulcrum in the center of American politics for them to help wield to bring the extremists to heal and help recapture the Party of Lincoln so our 16th president’s spirit can rest in peace.

(Oh I hate the prospect of proof reading this post. I have so much more I want to write for a series of booklets and polishing long blog posts is a drag)

I didn’t bother to begin hawking my 200 decks of cards which showcase a portion of my 36 years worth of snow carving. Even so I just mailed three of the decks to an old friend who bought/donated $60’s worth. Selling them three at a time gives me more of a “profit margin.” When I mail out just one it will still cost me about $8.00. Between production costs per pack and that $8.00 for mailing I’ve just cleared about $40.00. My rough calculations tell me that if I have to mail each of the remaining 194 decks solo I could clear about $1,500. That’s still a lot of trips to the Post office but it would put a dent in my overall costs which amount to about $10,000 personally so far.

This is not the first time I’ve imagined avoiding raising money from corporate PACs. I “sold” about 250 adolescent novels I wrote in 1992 during my first eccentric campaign for Congress trying to skirt the new more anti abortion motivated Republican Party. I ran as an independent that year. I was a little shy of 10% of the vote but by being an independent I made it to the November General election.

This year I didn’t dare try to draw votes away from the Democratic candidate by being an Independent because from the start this year I wanted to unseat the Trumplican candidate Pete Stauber. None of that Ralph Nader crap for me.

So, from this point on I will continue to accept money for what could be another campaign two years from now if Pete Stauber wins again but I’ll be using it for other purposes…….the principle purpose being working on finding a better way to America’s political sanity.

To that point:

I will be turning my attention to helping whichever Democrat becomes Pete Stauber’s challenger…..as if there is any doubt who that will be. It will be college economist prof Jen Schultz. I have only met her once fleetingly and that was in the State Capitol a few years back when I was working to help my friend and nemesis Art Johnston lobby to change the old oddball Minnesota statute that allowed a school board to kick off a duly elected school board member for not agreeing with him and using it as an excuse to call him a nuisance. (My take on the law) I am a real bug about honest democracy and this law allowing a majority to clip the wings of voters by removing their elected representatives pissed the hell out of me because it was being used by our School Board to remove Art who was serving with me in a board minority at the time. They had attempted to remove Board member Gary Glass the same way a few years earlier.

Art had been my nemeses when I was fighting the Red Plan. As I would tell anyone who asked no human has ever made me madder in my life than Art had but I am also an incredibly patient person and when I joined him on the Board I put all my past frustrations with Art to the side.

I met Jen momentarily when she was introduced to me in some gathering. She barely made an impression on me or I on her. As I recall she nodded slightly and went on with whatever had caught her attention. I wasn’t hurt but I took note at how indifferent she was to me. I’m an interesting person and a friendly person. Had I been in her high heels I would have said something nice about the local political eccentric I’d been introduced to and spent a least a minute chatting him up. She didn’t do that. So, that first impression did little for me. Nonetheless I know she is a standard issue Democrat. I’ll take that any day to a craven chickenshit coward who doesn’t dare disagree with a tyrant in the making who would destroy our Democracy for his juvenile ego.

So here’s what I plan to do and I could use some help as I don’t want to drain any more money out of our bank accounts for my going nowhere campaign: I will be amending my lawnsigns with vinyl adhesive strips that say heart Lincoln, vote Schultz. I will have to order 250 of them and I hope to have them ready for distribution shortly after Pete Stauber cleans my clock on August 9th. I think they will give a little color to a conformist teacher who seems to me to be a politically safe stick in the mud.

Here’s what I will be ordering 5 of at a cost of about $700.00

Now another word about Art Johnston and another word about Pete Stauber for whom Art has express considerable support (when I asked Art to nominate me at the Spring GOP convention so that I could give a speech)

As I said, I am nothing if not a fanatic about fair voting. I am eager to explain how this got its kick start in my second campaign for Mankato State’s student senate elections…..but for now remember I worked my butt off to change a law so that our dimwitted school board would stop trying to remove Art for a non existent (in my opinion) instance of assault on our Superintendent. So feeling the way I do I was incredibly non plussed when Art in a show of Trumplican solidarity declared, along with another Republican candidate, that he didn’t trust the officials that said he had failed to win a seat back on the School Board in the 2020 election. He was giving support, completely dishonest support, to the accusation that our elections are not to be trusted. God Damn Art. I’ll say it again. God damn Art.

Now to one more damned election honesty denier Pete (I’m a chicken shit coward) Stauber.

I understand why he and other Republicans are shitting bricks. The Republican party’s political hacks have been perfecting a party that has no shame, no ethics and trained their voters to act in lockstep……think dittoheads to cleanse the party by purging anyone with a sense of open minded independence. What’s left is a massive cult-like rump that can easily defeat anyone who is not a head nodder in a Republican Primary. I got a call from one of these cultists last night. She asked if I was the guy running for Congress and wanted me to explain why she should vote for me instead of Pete.

I didn’t know where she was coming from but told her I’d give her a one minute explanation for my motivation. It went something like this: I moved to Duluth fifty years ago to be a missionary for a diminishing moderate republican party. I had been fighting the party’s changes and was running against Pete because in my view he was an empty shell who repeated all the nonsense that his greedy, lying, democracy despoiling President was spewing out.

We had a spirited conversation because this Barnum woman was a die hard Trump believer. I her opinion Stauber was not supporting the Trump cause. I hadn’t expected this line of argument so I asked her for an example and evidently Pete voted for the “red flag” legislation. Good for Pete but my caller was furious. No one deviates from the gospel of Trump. This is the sort of person Pete feels obligated not to disappoint. Do I feel sorry for Pete? Not really. I only feel contempt that he would defer to the destruction of our nation and its democracy to get reelected. As LBJ said to his all advisors from the Kennedy administration who told him it was a fool’s errand to push civil rights legislation when he took over for the martyred Kennedy. Well if I can’t do this what’s right the point of being President.

Or, as I’ve heard in Christian circles, “… what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul??” [Mark 8:36] Damned if I know. Maybe Pete does.

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