My scarecrow

Art tells me I ought to spend more time writing about the School Board than about the personal anecdotes of my life. I don’t think so. The personal anecdotes remind me that I’m more than one of those squabbling little kids in that Lindstrom Cartoon.

The highlight of today was my grandson’s performance as the Scarecrow in his preschool’s presentation of the Wizard of Oz. We sing “If I only had a brain” to each other all the time. I used to sing it to my Mother…….long after her own stopped working. I surreptitiously wiped away tears all through my laughter during the performance.

Oh, I’ve been doing the School Board bit. Today I had a good meeting with Art. I left with a tip for my readers. Take a look at the next John Ramos article in the Reader. It might be next week’s entry. If its what I think it is it will be very illuminating.

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