Welty Lawnsigns

I started putting up lawnsigns this afternoon. I covered the area between 6th Ave, East and to East High. I was afraid I wouldn’t have time to get started today so it helped when I woke at 3AM and got to work on my garage. By 10AM I was almost done. I loaded lawnsigns in my car but then I had to deposit the latest contributions and get lunch for my family.

I didn’t get started putting up signs till noon and I aimed to quit when my Grandson got back from visiting family in Iowa. I haven’t seen him in a week and I wasn’t going to miss his return for lawnsigns.

I got a kick when I stopped to put a sign up on Howard Gnesen Rd. and another car pulled up and asked one for her house. If these are as easy to get permission for as the Let Duluth Vote signs were three years ago this should be a breeze – providing I have time. I’m taking the afternoon off with the Tan Man and will have a little time after church tomorrow before my in-laws arrive.

This is a general call. If anyone would like to pick up some signs or have me deliver one to you tomorrow send me an email at harrywelty@charter.net.

I’d especially like to put them up on well traveled roads.

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