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I’ve talked with my wife. That would be a good post.

I’d like to thank the 1400 of you who kept the secret from claudia that I’ve been threatening to become a candidate. As per the fantasy I don’t plan to campaign other than to talk sense in the blog. Remember, this may simply be a ruse to sell books. Or maybe not.

You will see that I’ve changed the tagline on the banner to the blog. I’ve never liked the banner but I’ve never been able to figure out how to change it. I did manage a year ago to get rid of the wraparound Abe Lincoln pics that used to clutter up the blog. I only originally wanted one of them in the header.

I haven’t yet set up the www.welty4congress website. Its a recycled domain name of mine from 2006 when I filed to run against Jim Oberstar. I may do that tomorrow. I don’t currently plan on letting it grow to be an extensive site. I’ll probably use it to point to the 6,000 posts on this blog to give voters, and contributors [book buyers] more information about what I think about a variety of subjects that they are concerned about.

Now that I’m in the race, for at least three and a half months, I’ll be even more intent on finishing up that book I’ve kept on about. That’s how I plan to raise money. I think, per my wife’s suggestion, that I’ll wait to see if I really do get underway with it by tackling the first 10 chapters or so before selling the prospective book.

Its late. I’ve spent the better part of the last five days moving snow all over the place and my back won’t let me forget it. Writing the book will be my top priority not blogging and not sending out copious emails about how critical it is for my readers to help the campaign. I will be a very different candidate than my Readers have encountered before. For one thing, I have a life. For another, I’ll be so candid it will make your jaw drop.

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