The Southernization of the United States

A new book says what I’ve been harping about for years. I saw a review somewhere on line and this morning it made it to NPR along with stories about Jenni Thomas and her efforts to overthrow our democracy with the help of her useful idiot Hubby, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. I’ll accept any criticism for my expansive use of sneer from any liberals but not from the folks who worship at the foot of Donald Trump’s golden toilet.,204,203,200_.jpg

I’m just as pissed off about the southernization as the teacher’s union was with me as mentioned in my latest column in the Duluth Reader. Think of my fury as akin to the fury Jesus expressed when he turned over the tables of money lenders in the shadow of the Temple in Jerusalem.

Above you can see the “troublesome” trading card I passed out as part of a deck of 50 snow sculpture cards when I fought a losing tidal wave of Trump hatred in my unsuccessful 2016 campaign for the School Board. Part of the rage directed at me was stoked by another School Board member who was busy telling angry women that I was some sort of Trumpian who needed to be removed from the School board. I learned this from my transsexual campaign helper who I tasked with organizing my new Facebook page for politics Harry Welty Givem Helty. (Yeah, I know. Its a pretty cumbersome title.) Later, my helper began joining my church. Then my helper went to a DFL rally and denounced Republicans and at least indirectly me. Someone at the Reef bar who heard this told me about it. When I told my helper at church that I was a little disappointed my friend never came back to our church. I think the abuse suffered by Trans people often bleeds into mental illness like the trauma suffered by PTSD patients.

I had to explain what happened to one of the three buddies (who was also mentioned in my last column) at coffee this week when I stuck up for transsexuals. He knew a little about the story but hadn’t gotten it quite right. He then gave me a very emotional lecture about how transsexuals were undermining forty years worth of the woman’s rights movement. (Harry performs eye role)

I got one complaint about my stars and bars trading card as I passed them door too door in 2016 so I simply stopped passing it out. Now I have a lot of this one particular card waiting for me to find a use for them. The card does explain this much: “43/50 The “Stars and Stripes” replaced by the “Stars and Bars.”

One of my challenges is figuring out how to share my deep understanding of history without offending people whose lives don’t give them the time to study it like I do. SO…..when I made this critical snow sculpture commentary on the Republican Party elephant switching over the southern cause of Robert E Lee and slave culture I raised eyebrows. Black Duluth News Tribune editor, Robin Washington, called me about it. He pretty well figured out what the symbolism was but when a black driver saw the confederate flag in front of my house he called the Tribune to complain about it. There was also talk at the time of kids planning to burn my house down.

A couple years ago I put up another southern themed snow sculpture about Donald Trump’s giddy efforts to bring about Charles Manson’s wet dream of a race war. Now Jenni Thomas is adding her voice to this dream, thank you very much Clarence. I suppose the snow sculpture below also went over the heads of many other passer’s by. Thank you Texas Legislature and others for doing your damnedest to keep America ignorant of our history.

I’m gratified that academics are giving this second civil war phenomenon more attention. This is this eight minute interview with authors about their thesis that the South has taken over the nation’s politics to which I’d argue NO! Its taken over the Party of Lincoln. Its a fight I’m taking on with a vigor that is matched by that of the Ukrainian patriots who are fighting Vladimir Putin’s love for the similarly dystopian Age of Stalin.

If I have to listen to unhinged arguments from deluded friends who think we are saving America from the one-in-a-thousand transsexuals that Texas wants to burn-at-the-stake while we are destroying Earth I’ll do it. It would almost be funny if we weren’t pre-burying our grandchildren.

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