About that Reader column

Its been three days since the last TMI post and I’ve been dreading that it was way too too much. Also I forgot what I’d written about. It wasn’t that bad.

The Reader Publisher got hold of me late in the day to say that I could submit the column to an alternative email address that was still working. I joked that with his recent declaration about having kicked my column off the Reader the last time I ran for public office he’d probably have to do it again. He said he probably would but that he was in no hurry. I told him I didn’t plan to write about the School District or Board politics until after the election but that I would understand if he froze me out. He said I was too valuable a property for him to kick me off indefinately but anyway he’d probably let me get another column in after this one before he got around to it.

As for my next column you can read the first couple sentences here. I won’t fully post it until it has appeared in the Reader’s print.

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