Feed back

Before I visited my Mother I returned a call from one of the folks who contacted Liam after looking at www.weltyforschoolboard.com.

I had a wonderful 40 minute chat with an adamant opponant of the Red Plan who feared based on my site that I’d become a Red Planner. We saw eye to eye on almost everything but he will have to swallow hard to vote for a new tax to fix the Red Plan. I told him I wasn’t sure it would pass but that if it failed the Duluth Schools would need me more than ever.

He asked why my blog did not have feedback enabled. I explained that having read lots of blog feedback I didn’t want anyone to me more crude than I’m willing to be and that even I sometimes push the limit. (also I think anonymous responses are pretty lame) I also explained that I would be eager to post emails and respond to them in the blog.

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