Call me……

Despite only having written a single post I’ve had a good number of visitors today. I don’t know how many I’ll post between now and the primary’s conclusion. Probably a few but only a few. I’m still playing the good host to my Father-in-law.

I decided yesterday afternoon to skip the Spirit Mountain Day’s parade. Had I not had company I would have printed up flyers and passed them out along the parade route. Instead Thursday was blueberry day. Saturday I will see the dinosaurs at the DECC with my family. I love dinosaurs. I hope my Grandson, the Tan Man, is not frightened. He’s lately started scaring himself about monsters. That’s a good description of a dinosaur.

At 4pm tomorrow I’ll go on Neil Atkins’ KDAL radio show to shoot the breeze for an hour or so. Call if you’d like. Sorry, but I don’t know the number off hand.

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