Sour Grapes and Indigestion

On primary election day my eight loyal readers got some company. My stats show that I got almost a gigabite or a half month’s public attention on that single day. I had 21,000 hits. I was, of course, buried under an avalanche of Stauber votes. Republican primaries are where sensible centrists have been purged for the past quarter century. Now that the Republican party is no longer Lincoln’s but Donald Trump’s collection of cultists, QAnon conspiracists, rapturists, science denialists, white supremacists I guess I take some comfort in the sour grapes view of losing. How could I possibly represent such a collection of people?

Its way too early to look at the latest round of primaries and take too much comfort in them. Sure Pete got 34,000 votes but in the equal sized District of Congressperson Ilhan Omar, she got three times as many votes as Pete. She got 99,000 votes. And that’s not all. Her well financed challenger, also a Democrat, got 67,000 votes. Give Pete my 2,000 votes and its 166,000 Democrats vs. 36,000 Republicans. Will Pete’s Republicans come out to help in November. We can’t tell from the Democratic primary in the 8th Congressional District because Quinn Nyquist, was unopposed. That meant no votes for the Democrat. But Duluth gave a hint at the politics of the moment in the DFL Senate Race in which centrist incumbent Eric Simonson got the same cold shoulder I got when I ran for reelection to the Duluth School Board the year after Trump took office. There is a great appetite for change in the big city.

On its face I’d say Pete doesn’t look that strong after Trump’s disastrous invitation to Corvid 19 to make itself home in America. But Donald Trump is not only unscrupulous he is a wannabe Lukasheko who just cheated his way to victory in Belarus claiming 80% of the vote. How will Trump try to achieve this? Well, some of it could be with the help of inept political foes like the young woman who excused the looting on Chicago’s Miracle Mile by saying it was justified as a response to all the years black looters had been cheated. I understand the sentiment. White people suffering during the Depression rooted for Bonnie and Clyde as they robbed banks across the American Heartland.

But that kind of spin won’t do much for “suburban housewives.” And even if the housewives want to remove the man who thinks they are “Nasty” if he can’t have their pussy; Trump is working overtime to destroy the US Post Office and mail-in-balloting for Pete Stauber’s campaign as well as his own.

I will be sweating bullets until Donald Trump is removed from Office. And, not to put too fine a point on it, Unlike my attitude toward the disgraced Richard Nixon, I wan’t Trump put in jail if half the crimes he’s committed can be proven in court.

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