Protest #3 My Vietnam

I’ve taken this title from Draft evader Donald Trump’s infamous claim that his “Vietnam” was avoiding STD’s in the 1970’s. At least he wore prophylactics

As a college kid I took the War in Vietnam seriously and I was intrigued to read a story in the most recent Duluth Reader about my era’s war protesters which began when I was still in high school and continued through my college years. To my surprise they mentioned a protester that I’ve once described in one of my old Reader Columns, Brian Wells. If you read it I will not something I didn’t mention in the story. I suspect his had serious mental problems. I don’t mean that as an excuse just something to remember as you read my dismissive attitude about his virtuous protest.

This is not the only time I’ve written about My Vietnam. I wrote a column about my defense of Richard Nixon in a college debate also in the Reader. And then there was this post from 2017.

This is the first of at least three quick posts about the subject of protest. Thanks to Donald Trump they could become deadly. Having started Charlie Manson’s race war, much desired by alt righters it might give Trump an in on postponing or undermining an election which could removed him from the Oval Office. If that happened it will be China’s adage for America: “It is a curse to live in interesting times” squared and possibly time for real Tea Partiers not the pantywaists who showed up to take over Congress because Barack Obama was elected President.

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