Campaign diary 7/28/2020 addenda

I decided to place an ad in the Duluth Reader, the publication which has published about 180 of my columns since about 2001. I hadn’t planned to do this. I may be shooting for the moon but I’m not inclined to shoot my wad…..wallet. But Facebook has quibbled about my ads and I was hugely disappointed when I discovered that the Duluth News Tribune all but hid my 600 word column on Sunday. It wasn’t out of spite on their part. Editor Chuck Frederick was complimentary of my writing. Its just that the Trib has fallen on hard times and they neither mailed out their Sunday paper or put a Sunday paper online. I got the Sunday cartoons on Saturday but I had to search hard for Pete’s and my columns.

They were reasons number 1. (mine) and 2. (Pete’s) to begin this series.

But I doubt that even 100 people found them online to read.

At least one person did however and he sent me a very nice and encouraging email which I will share here. So, I decided to pay to put my column in the Reader as an ad this Friday. I chatted with its publisher who told me the Trib’s disappearance practically screamed at him to go back to his own weekly publishing. Now he has an ad from my campaign to justify the risk he’s taking.

I hope other people reading it will feel as this gentleman did:

Harry, you don’t know me but I want to thank you for running against Pete….he is “buying” his seat and everyone knows it.

I have not always agreed with your views over the years, but today in the DNT your article opposite of Pete’s was very, very well written…just wanted to wish you the best in the primary. To be honest, we have already voted for Quinn…but wanted to wish you the best in your run against Pete and for bringing continually to the front, the racist, narcissist, and “ME ONLY” performance Trump has been using for the past many years.

Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV….yep, he is really bright. And, everyone should ingest Clorox to get rid of the virus!!!! And, according to Pete in his column today…the states governors are all wrong in “protecting citizens” and really, should be more like the governors of Florida, TX, CA and Arizona…open things up…..even, if I heard correctly yesterday, Trump’s son’s school in DC will not open this fall in person!!!

I had to laugh when I read Pete’s column about his “uniform” for “you, the people.” His suit and tie with Trump, sports coat, or his levi’s…what a joke….Again, all the best in the primary and thanks for your honesty. I hope they will let you into the Duluth Pack Store on Monday (Secret Service will probably stop you from entering the door to “protect” Ivanka!!!…let alone take away from Pete’s “PHOTO OP.”…I HOPE YOU ARE THERE AND FOLKS CAN SEE YOU…YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO PARTICIPATE!!!!…AGAIN…you have every right to “be there” and be seen, or at least bring your sign that says “down with Trump and Pete.” Ivanka and Jared are still paying $15,000 a month to rent their house IN DC from the owner of Twin Metals……….the owner is the same owner of course, as you know, who owns the largest stake in Twin Metals…..and, who is BUYING Pete ….yep, PETE is “being bought” and he know it, and now we just need more folks like you to talk about it.

Again, thanks for your “Opinion Candidates View” today! *********

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