Campaign Diary 7/25/2020

I like to repurpose things. I spent a lot of time painting this sign last winter for this snow sculpture.

I just put it back up in my front yard. It will undergo a few alterations when the weather clears.

Yesterday was glorious. Instead of exercising by hackysack I proposed that my sweetie take a little stroll with me along the Western Waterfront trail. We interrupted the Canada geese and may flies and saw our first blackburnian warbler:

I’ve just set up my patio chairs under our patio umbrellas and dried them off. A fellow is walking over with some suggestions for me since I’m in politics. I have no idea what it is and informed him I’m following strict quarantine protocols and he told me it would only take ten minutes. We’ll see. Yesterday an old acquaintance of Pete Staubers called me about Stauber’s staff brushing off his requests for help. We talked for about an hour about how his stimulus payments have been pigeonholed because of the unwillingness of Social Security to talk with the IRS to clear the path for these payments. Of course, I’m not a Congressman and I don’t have a staff but I suggested if his old friend Pete’s staff won’t help him he check with Senator Smith’s staff.

I will be tinkering with my Facebook advertising today and thinking that tomorrow’s column in the DNT would be a good piece. I sent in my 600 words and I’ve done a masterful job explaining the state of the GOP, the Nation and my credentials in an economical manner.

And I got a brief mention in today’s paper.

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