Interview with the DNT

I had a cordial conversation with Chuck Frederick and one of the other members of the DNT’s endorsement committee. It will be the last before the 100 year strong daily becomes a twice weekly publication in the next few days.

I enjoyed zooming with Chuck and the one citizen board member who silently watched me answer a string of Chuck’s questions. I’ve always liked Chuck who has mostly been genial as we have exchanged slings and arrows at each other through the years. Near the end Chuck ask what else I would want voters to know about before casting their votes. I simply said that I hoped they read the column I was invited to send the Trib. I emailed it to Chuck fifteen minutes before our Zooming.

I’ll leave you with the first paragraph of my 600 word piece:

Elect Harry Welty

“Donald Trump could perform one great service for our nation by leaving office without tweeting that it was stolen from him. Because Congressman Pete Stauber would disagree with this Pete should be retired too. Trump is the kind of leader our Founder’s always feared. They understood that Democracy is fragile. America should have known this when Trump asked, “what do you have to lose?” . . .

I’ll keep you in suspense about the rest until the DNT runs it.

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