Is the end Nigh?

A man who has never had to act as anything other than a bully since his father gave him millions seems to be reaching the end of the line. He’s being dogged by never Trumper in the Lincoln Project who sent me this money raising note:

“We’re not making this up, Harry.

“Donald Trump’s campaign has spent huge sums of money running pro-Trump ads in D.C. just so Trump will see them.
“Why? Because our ads made him so upset, that his campaign had to spend their resources making him feel better.
“We’re in his head — and his campaign is wasting $400,000 that they would otherwise be spending in key swing states like Arizona, Wisconsin, or Florida. Instead they’re spending it to prevent Bunker Boy’s next Twitter tantrum.

From The Daily Beast, June 8, 2020
“As funny as this might be at first, it’s just another example of Donald Trump’s immaturity and unfitness for office of the presidency.
“The President should be leading during a time of enormous crisis, not sitting around a TV waiting to see commercials that make him feel better.
“Can you pitch in right now to help us keep making these highly effective ads?
“Lots more soon.”

And the polls show Trump going south now with non college white voters. Trump is desperate to start holding virus spewing rallies to shore up his ego. He reminds me of Hercules fighting the Earth Giant. Stop me if I’ve mentioned this before. The Earth giant got his strength from touching the Earth and he was batting Herk around like a toy until Hercules lifted him once and realized that in the air the giant was helpless. That’s Trump. He’s suspended mid air.

I posted the map showing that protests for George Floyd are happening all around America. I was looking for instances of this in the South especially and so was the NYTimes. They reported from a small suburb of Hattiesburg, Mississippi once a center of Civil Rights work when black Mississipians dared not go out at night. Times have changed…….for the better. Too bad for you President Trump.

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