If you build (write) it they will come.

My blog is no Daily Dish with its tens of thousands of daily hits. Of course, with millions of eccentric blogs out there I don’t expect to get a lot of attention but its nice to see that my small number of visitors keeps climbing. The blog got a record 819 hits three days ago. It sure would be nice to hit a thousand.

The numbers are holding steady for my website too especially on the Old News section. I really wonder who’s been reading that. Senator Grams? The State DFL? I’d like to think everyone who values history would take a peek before I’m through. I may have to wait till some lawyer issues me a cease and desist order to find out.

I don’t know if I’ll attempt to add much to the blog this weekend. I’ve already spent a couple hours retyping some of the 34 pages of notes I took talking to Don Boyd on Thursday. Besides that, I still have a column for the Reader to write; we’re having a birthday party for some friends tonight; and I’ve got a Sunday School lesson to study for. There just aren’t enough hours in a day……

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