I’m still here, no trip to the Secretary of State yet

I’m in no hurry. For technical reasons I can’t open up a campaign website any time soon. Ditto a donation page although I seem to still have an active place for people to donate to my defunct school board campaign war chest.

I have been doing a little researching and thinking and came up with some provocative ads I’d like to spread around the 8th Congressional District. But not with my money. I spent enough of it already fighting the Trump haters (God bless them) who wanted to purge male genitals from all public offices. Who can blame them? I didn’t wear a pink pussy hat but I gladly marched with them last year through the skywalks of Duluth.

I’ve spent my morning in France and the west coast of Africa typing French with the help of an automatic translator. One French speaker told me I was doing well. After five months! That’s how you get to Carnegie Hall.

I was pointed to some very cool music by my new friend from Benin who doesn’t seem to mind corresponding with a 67 year old dinosaur. He didn’t know what I meant by that.

Here’s Angelique Kidjo at Austin City Limits.

Oh, and I do have a category 15 which goes back to my posts when I challenged Jim Oberstar in 2006. It was a lot of posts for very little campaign.

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