Bookin it 9

I got a good night’s sleep and have spent a productive hour writing a couple pages this morning from 8:30 to 9:30.

What I began riffing on was prompted by some old news clippings and some of my old notes which don’t conform to the story line I’d already set up chapter by chapter. It will be interesting to see how these all get integrated together later on.

Among the things I typed up so far was the following tidbit which I decided fit better into an endnote than the actual material I was busy typing:

“The FBI carted out all of Governor Anderson’s files during the height of the UGRLC scandal to pour through them for evidence of misdeeds and only a small fraction of those relating to the SBC or the UGRLC itself survived to reach the Minnesota Historical Society”

If I keep ripping out more pages today my blog posts will be severely limited. Wish me luck and silent running.

Don’t forget the “usual caveat.”

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