Stuck in the Fox Alternate Reality

I’m between Day 2 and Day 3 in Florida. That means I’m getting a near lethal dose of Fox News.

I’m hiding out in my Father-in-law’s kitchen hoping I don’t wake anyone up. Its 3AM. I did this last night too only then I was editing my book.

I’ve hitched onto some neighbor’s weak wifi to catch up with news from abroad and my favorite website. I’d rather be asleep but that treat is a little illusive at the moment. The weather is glorious and Florida offers me a wonderful escape from the massive construction project that has overtaken my Duluth residence. We’re having our front steps and porch rebricked and the entire house tuckpointed.

I tuckpointed the entire house myself 13 years ago – and used the wrong mortar. If the World Wide Web had existed then I’d have known better.

I got started when a fly by night mason – or pseudo-mason knocked on my door. I finished what he started and am lucky that all my bricks didn’t fall off afterward. It was my own personal Johnson Controls like swindle and the current work on my home is the piper I’m having to pay for it.

I got a call from the masons today. They blew a fuse grinding my old mortar out and because I locked the door when I left town I had to call my son to let them in to restore their power. They are finally getting some good weather and every bit of mortar they remove before I return will spare me from time listening to the whine of their grinders. Its a sound that is almost as jarring as listening to Fox News. At least its constructive.

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