What is your risk?

At yesterday’s Court hearing the defendant’s lawyers claimed that the five taxpayers did not represent the thousands of Duluth taxpayers that they were certain approved of the Red Plan. Of course, they didn’t mention the 2,000 who have helped pay for our attorney. Many more than that are offended by the scale of the Red Plan, the stupidity of parts of the Red Plan and the theft of their vote on the Red Plan. This is part of the Pledge and it spells out the risk any contributors to the bond face.

I understand:

That if the taxpayer’s case is heard as scheduled through Oct. 19th, and the Court issues a temporaray injunction, that most Red Plan construction will come to a halt, including Ordean High School, and prevent the School Board from approving additional construction. I also understand that the decision, whether for or against the taxpayers, should be handed down two weeks before the Nov. 3rd general election which could replace four pro-Red Plan school board members creating a new majority which would insist on a binding referendum before continuing.

I also understand:

That if the taxpayers lose their suit some portion of or possibly all of my bond money could be forfeited.

I also understand:

That if the taxpayers win their suit all of my money will be returned.

I also understand that if the Sixth District Court increases the existing bond requirement significantly higher than its current $100,000 the taxpayers will abandon their suit and my contribution will be returned in full.

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