Same old Story

I’ve always hated reading news stories about current events that I’ve been following for months that had to go back to the very familiar beginning each time some new tidbit has been added. I’m perfectly familiar with the old part of the new news. Its like singing one of those songs like There was an old lady that swallowed a fly or On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me. All I can think is cut it out. We’ve sung that verse already.

Well, I’m going to do that to my long time readers because I have to write for new readers who don’t know my habits as a blogger.

I write about what’s on my mind at any given time. Sometimes its all the local school politics I’m immersed and fixated on. At other times I beat up the neolithic Republican Party. You can see the major categories of subjects of interest to me on the right hand side of this blog. One of them is “Harry’s Diary” in which I give glimpses of my personal life as it collides with my public life.

Last night’s school board meeting kept digging ISD 709 deeper into the muck in my estimation. On the other hand I showed my fangs briefly which felt cleansing. Otherwise the Board acted like a functional board and we could discuss dicey issues with thoughtfulness and respect. In this respect today’s Duluth School Board is the best Board we have had in a decade or more. (when I last served on it)

At the moment I’ve got about ten things I’d like to do and I’m lousy at multi tasking. Writing in the Blog about my Mom, about the Board, about a couple taboo subjects that could get me in dutch with other Board members and make it less likely that they will cooperate with me in the future. Reading a 50 plus page report on Energy Savings from our Red Plan Schools. Organizing a lot of documents I’ve collected that explain different parts of our school finances, and sitting down and reading the next 25 pages in Bully Pulpit which will get me to half way mark in that 750 page tome.

Those are the things that stike me as needing immediate work anyway. I know there are more.

I spent a good ten hours on School district stuff yesterday. That’s becoming a pretty reliable amount of time for me to spend on the District in recent weeks. I’ve got a couple hours into District work today. I’m going to catch a quick nap and clear my mind and see which of the tasks I wake up feeling most inclined to turn my attention to.

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